Pixelburgh provides ideas, support, and concepts for artists to market and earn from their craft in new and non-traditional ways, such as the gaming industry, monetizing through blockchain, metaverse markets, and other new and emerging technologies. We feel all communites should have access to these new ideas and tools equally to avoid even larger cultural gaps in the future. For early investors in the AKTIO coin. The first version of the akt.io app is expected to launch at the end of the year with basic functionalities like an IBAN account number and the ability to purchase AKTIO coins in the public ICO sale. Other core features, like the payment card, will start to roll out in early 2022.

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“We are so honoured to have the support of the HBAR Foundation in our mission and we’re excited to see where this innovative form of decentralised payment technology will take us in the future.” /CNW/ — Akt.io, the innovative platform bridging DeFi, wealth management and payment services, announced today its partnership with the HBAR Foundation to support their launch of the first DeFi app on the carbon-negative Hedera Network, the most used, sustainable and enterprise-grade public network for the decentralised economy. Pixelburgh is an art and small business incubator, we use art and technology to support the arts and artists in the new emerging digital world.

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Akt.io has been awarded a grant and will receive organizational support from the HBAR Foundation to fuel its launch and growth on the Hedera Network. Their forthcoming app will enable users to automate investments with intelligent algorithms, generate income with digital assets and be seamlessly connected to the akt.io Wealth Card, an internationally recognized payment card that will allow for aktio coin price direct payments with invested capital. All rooms have independent entrance. Great for families with kids. It has tennis courts, a playground, yoga studio, sailing and scuba classes, bikes available for guests, and three swimming pools, including one for kids and one for adults only. “This is the future of banking and the HBAR Foundation is proud to help accelerate its evolution with akt.io.”

Desember 27, 2021

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