how many billable hours in a month

This way, you are more accurate without spending time and energy manually calculating or referring to a billable hours chart. While they were tracking their working hours for the last month, they realized that, out of the total hours, 30% were non-billable hours. ✅ Billable hours are the amount of time spent working on projects or providing services that are charged to a client according to an agreed hourly rate.

  • This can eventually help you cut back on non-billable tasks and increase your productivity.
  • Most service businesses – digital agencies, accounting and law firms, consulting companies – use billable hours to charge their clients for the services they provide.
  • Every freelancer, law firm, professional services firm, or small business owner needs to understand the importance of tracking billable hours.
  • Tracking your billable hours is just one part of the equation.
  • Tracking and recording that time, invoicing for that time, and determining the productivity of that time is far more challenging.
  • Clio’s software lets you set a running clock to record time while you work on a task.

So, in the PR industry, the utilization rate depends on position within the business. When we multiply the quotient by 100, we get the utilization rate of 125%.

How to Increase Billable Hours

However, you can assign targets to those using legacy timesheets, and they’ll be included in all group progress calculations. Group totals include all users who have a billable target set, regardless of whether or not they have the Target Billable Hours component assigned. Users assigned targets of 0 are included in calculations. Enter the number of workdays you plan to take as vacation days in 2021. Even if it’s just a long weekend here and there, be sure to adjust for vacation days. Recent workplace changes like remote work or quiet quitting highlight the value of business and career development training for all legal industry professionals.

Each day or week set a goal for how many billable hours you want to record. This should be based on the amount of time you have available each week and the number of clients or projects you’re working with.

Big clients vs little clients

And this means that there’s a bunch of time “budgeted” for vacations, holidays, team events, people getting sick, and bench time between projects. You shouldn’t think of non-billable time as time that wasn’t valuable.

To determine projected billable hours per tech, you must calculate what percentage of a technician’s workday results in billable hours, what are billable hours on average. So imagine the person at Quinn who got this email on Friday, and has billed 170 hours in the trailing 30 days.

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